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About Travel Management

As we understand today’s rapid changes in economic and competitive pressures place tighter constraints in every industry, new innovations to better and effectively managing expenditures have become a mandatory requirements in every organizations. Strategic partnership with travel management company who can offer one-stop-solutions is now considered as one of best and recommended practice to bring in the answer to an organization or corporation’s travel management needs.

Travel and Entertainment (T&E) expenditures as one of three top largest controllable expenditures in most of organizations, considered as one in top priorities to be effectively managed. We have a commitment to the customer as well as the industry, to assist our corporate clients in best designing and providing solutions to achieve their business goals in T&E management programs.

Our travel management programs are and not limited to recommendation, service configuration design, and implementation of best applicable practices travel management programs in Indonesia; from exploration of cost efficiency from unnecessary T&E expenditure management, improving value of travel services, both onsite and offsite quality services option; simplification of travel related administration procedures, travel policy compliance, data management, and many more.

Our Products & Services

• Worldwide flight reservation and ticketing services.
• Worldwide hotel reservation and hotel vouchers.
• Meeting-Incentive-Conferences-Events (MICE) Services.
• Land transportation rental or charter, and shuttle services.
• Airport fast track and airport transfer services.
• Travel documents and formalities services.
• Business travel insurance options.
• Centralized billing and alternate payment options.
• Travel service configuration options.
• Business travel technology solutions.
• Consultancy and educational services.
• Personal tour and travel packages.


How to Contact Us

Are you satisfied with your current corporate travel service? If not, maybe you have chosen a travel agent to manage your business travel needs. Why you need us? The answer is simple; we are different from ordinary travel agent. We are a travel management company (TMC). Panorama Tours is an award-winning of travel solution to the Indonesia and multinational corporate market.

For further information about our corporate travel management service, program, and benefits; please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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We returned home safely and just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our journey in Vietnam. We are all so happy and better informed about life in Vietnam after the trip you so carefully organised for us.

Mrs. Helen
Mrs Helen & Family - United
Kingdom (UK)

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